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The AFROSAI meeting in Sharm El Sheik in 2014 established a technical committee on Knowledge Management and Sharing to encourage SAIs to cooperate and collaborate among themselves and explore ways to continuously improve knowledge sharing through joint or coordinated audits, and research on issues of common interest.

This will be achieved by focusing on key strategic objectives:

Create an Operational Framework to Ease Knowledge Management and Sharing

Develop Best Practices through Research on Issues of Common Interest.Promote Technical Cooperation and Consultation Services between Member SAIs and LSGS. Promote the knowledge of INTOSAI Products; Sell INTOSAI Global Products


  • Members

    The KSC Steering Committee consists of the chair of KSC, the Secretariat, Working Groups and member countries

  • General Secretariat

    The Afrosai Knowledge sharing committiee secretariat and other stakeholder observers.

  • The Main Committee

    The Main Committee is the KSC's superior body. It is based on an open membership that constitutes a pool of resources to carry out existing and future tasks undertaken by the Working Groups and Task Forces.

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